The World Cup and “La Sele”

Costa Rica just lost in the quarter finals of the world cup. But, instead of being somber and defeated, the entire country continues to celebrate and be proud. Nobody would have ever thought that they would come this far, competing against the best teams in the world. It’s hard to describe the National Pride that is contagious and it’s even harder to not get caught up in the spirit of it all.

I’m not a huge sports fan. I’ll watch the superbowl, the world cup, the olympics, but usually with mild interest in the screen and a larger interest in what is being served to snack on. I’ was in France for the World Cup 1998 and in was fun for sure. But, the year was an absolute exception…I became a Fan…atic!

It was wonderful and exhilarating to be caught up in the spirit. To feel the pride, to share the same buy generic isotretinoin feelings as everyone around me. I was able to watch the first round of semi-finals in San Jose at the Plaza de Democracia, chanting, screaming, with face paint and waving the flag of Costa Rica high. Costa Rica won in overtime and the entire country went nuts. The party lasted for hours and the next day the President declared a National Holiday [frame src=”” link=”” target=”_self” width=”250″ height=”200″ alt=”La Sele Fan and Chicken” align=”right” prettyphoto=”true”]and all the employees were paid double time.

We are now out of the World Cup. But, the experience we shared together will never be lost. Costa Rica lost the match, but they won the world’s attention, the respect of FIFA and once again restored Costa Rica to the happiest place on the Planet. Thank you Sele!

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