Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point Overnight Surf Tours

Finally arrived at Witch's Rock

Finally arrived at Witch’s Rock

I remember the first time I saw “Endless Summer II”. It was 1995, I was a 19 year-old, surfed-obsessed, college student, studying at Humbodlt State. The movie was playing in our commons hall and as I sat wedged between a group of drunk frat boys and a group of hippies smoking weed, I was lifted away from that cold, Northern California room and gently placed at Witch’s Rock, Costa Rica. I watched as Wingnut and Pat O’Connel had an incredible adventure, only to arrive at a beautiful, uncrowded wave…Witch’s Rock. It seemed so exotic and foreign and incredibly dangerous.  Until that point,  I had only known the cold, dark, stormy waters of Humboldt County in which I would spend over half my surf session trying to paddle out through unrelenting storm swells. So, the image of them paddling out, in warm, glass water  and surfing Witch’s Rock, Costa Rica seemed unreal, like the Disneyland of surfing.

Perhaps many of my peers at the time in University were wisely planning out their college courses, careers, life. I, on the other hand, knew that at that moment my future was to surf, travel and eventually make it to the legendary Witch’s Rock. Just like Wingnut and Pat O’Connel.  I started my travel immidiately that summer down the coast of California, but didn’t make it to Witch’s Rock until I was already in my mid-thirties, a mother of 2, a wife.  But, it was no less spectacular.

The trek out to Witch’s, while not as traitorous as in the movie, was quite involved, difficult and time consuming. It involved several hours in a car on a bumpy and sketchy road, a flat tire, setting up ‘camp’ in the heat of the day surrounded by hungry and very brave racoons, a 45 minute walk through the mangroves with mosquitoes that were the size of small birds, a baby in a stroller, one of the back and three surf boards which were constantly banging into a tree or getting caught in a vine. When we finally arrived there though, I knew I had found the dream.

There it was. It was more beautiful than I expected. A perfect wave framed by a pristine beach. The estuary that feeds into the break is teaming with life: white-tailed deer, jaguarundis, crocodiles and many species of birds. Behind the off-shore spray, is the omni-present, Roca de Bruja-Witch’s Rock, jolting out of the ocean, anchoring us all in with her majestic beauty.

We surfed till our arms were jelly for three days. Mid-day each day the line up would become crowded as the boats from Coco and Tamarindo would come in for a few hours. But, we mostly had the bulk of the morning and evenings to ourselves. As our trip wrapped up, I was already planning our next trip to Witch’s Rock; how to make it easier, how to make the travel time shorter, the surf time longer.

And now, the only way to do it, is by yacht….yes, that is what happens when you grow up.

The only way to do Witch’s is with one of Serendipity Charters, Epic Adventures.  We offer Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point overnight surf tours. The boat takes off either late at night and sails through the evening or very early in the morning, depending on the client’s schedule, tides, weather, etc… The 4 hour sail is comfortable, the boat is well equipped with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms indoor and outdoor living areas.  The other boat options are pangas, in which the clients have to beat against the wind, waves and sun and arrive tired just from the trip. Once we arrive at Witch’s our clients surf and come aboard for a hot shower, great food and cold drinks. They can continue surfing Witch’s Rock or Ollie’s point through the sunset when all the other boats have leave. We are basically one of the only forms of accommodation at either Witch’s Rock, Ollie’s Point or Santa Rosa National Park. That evening we enjoy more delicious food and get a good nights rest on the boat so that we are ready for dawn patrol at either Witch’s Rock or Ollie’s point.

We are sure that this is one of the best ways to experience this amazing place!  But don’t believe me, read what our clients say:

From Trip Adviser

“Just got off a three day two night sailboat charter with Captain Brad and and we had an AWESOME time. The boat was perfect, the food was great and Brad was both safe and knowledgable. We had some exciting sailing and the excursion back into the mangroves behind Ollie’s was super cool. We’ll be back to catch more waves and hang out with Captain Brad for sure. If you’re thinking of a day trip or an overnighter to surf some great waves – this is the only way to travel. Pura Vida – Serpendity Charters!”-Michael H.


We are one of the only companies to offer Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point overnight surf tours. Please contact us for more info on planning the perfect surf trip.

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