It’s Worth the Drive from Tamarindo!

Tamarindo is our main tourist hub in the area. There are lots of restaurants, bars and things to do. However, many people that travel there want to get off the beaten path and come sailing with us.

We are located in the less traveled area of Potrero Bay. While we are only 25 minutes from Tamarindo, we are worlds away (click here for directions). There and there are many reason why our guests make the short trip:

1-Less Waves- The coastline near us never receives as much swell (waves) as Tamarindo. While this is not ideal for surfing, it is great for sailing. This creates a less rocky experience for our guests.

2-Better Anchorages- There are many lovely nooks and crannies that our crew know about. This area is less developed so most of the beaches we anchor at are only accessible by boat or foot.

3 Better Snorkeling- While Costa Rica is not famous for the snorkeling, we can have magically clear days in the Potrero Bay. There are lots of large and small fish to see and our snorkel guides really know how to find hidden critters.

4-Experience a Low Key Tico Town- We pick up from Playa Potrero which is a sleepy, fishing village. Right on the beach is a classic, long-time favorite restaurant, “Las Brisas”. Las Brisas was once known for its infamous “Ladies Night”. However, after decades of loud Wednesday nights, the local community was able to put an end to that.

5 US!- If you are looking for a party booze cruise, there are some great and fun options in Tamarindo. However, people who sail with us are looking for a different type of experience. They want to really sail. They want to experience the quiet and awesomeness of the ocean. They want quality drinks and freshly prepared food in an intimate setting. They want to find looking accidents, they want Serendipity!

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