Staying Safe During COVID

Travel Safely During COVID

As we wake up from our long pause we are all recognizing what is truly important in life and we feel having a connection with nature and with those we love is top of that list. We have also learned through research (and common sense) that Vitamin D and lower stress levels help our immune system. So, we are just going to do our part in this and spread Smiles and Sunshine! We understand that COVID is a contagious disease and there is an inherent risk to being in contact with other people. However, we have taken steps to minimize that risk. These measures include thorough and rigorous cleaning and sanitization, the proper use of personal protective equipment and staff training in all aspects of health, safety and hygiene.

Here is what we are doing:

-Providing plenty of opportunities for guests to sanitize hands
-Crew will sanitize hands frequently. Especially before and after touching food and drink.
-Provide groups with individual portions of appetizers during our Perfect 10 Tours
-Limit our mixed group tours to 8-10 and our privates to 18.
-Crew will wear masks when in galley and while preparing food and drink
-Sanitize snorkel gear with a chlorine/water solution after each use
-Encourage guests to stay up above deck in the open air
-Thorughly clean Serendipity before and after each trip
-Keep a record of all guests in case we need to contact anyone after risk of possible exposure

Durante este momento desafiante, hemos tratado de descubrir cómo continuar difundiendo la luz del sol y el mar mientras protegemos a nuestros tripulantes y a nuestros clientes. Entendemos que COVID es una enfermedad contagiosa y existe un riesgo inherente de estar en contacto con otras personas. Sin embargo, hemos tomado medidas para minimizar ese riesgo. Esto es lo que estamos haciendo:

-Pida a la tripulación y a los invitados que completen una encuesta previa al viaje para evaluar si existe algún riesgo obvio
-Proporcionando muchas oportunidades para que los huéspedes desinfecten las manos.
-Los tripulantes tienen que desinfectar las manos con frecuencia. Especialmente antes y después de tocar comida y bebida.
-Servir grupos con porciones individuales de tapas y comida
-Solo ofrece tours privadas para grupos pequeños
-Los Tripulantes usarán máscaras cuando esté en la cocina y mientras prepara la comida y la bebida.
-Sanitizar el equipo de snorkel con una solución de cloro / agua después de cada uso.
-Anime a los invitados a permanecer arriba de la cubierta al aire libre
-Limpieza completa antes y después cada tour