Whale Watching in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most blessed places when it comes to whale watching.  We are one of the few countries in the world that can boast nearly year round whale visitors. Like our human tourists, these whales are fleeing cold weather and enjoying the year round warm temperatures of the pacific ocean in front of Costa Rica.  During the US winter months November – April we get North American whales. These Californian Humpbacks come down usually in pairs and spend their winter in Central America. The southern humpback whales start their migration when the waters in the south become too cold for their liking. They have one of the longest migrations in the world and arrive in our Costa Rican waters around July and stay till around November, just in time to miss their North American cousins.

Why Costa Rica?
They must love Gallo Pinto.
The Antarctic Humpbacks come up to warm water to birth their calves. These calves do not have the layers of fat their mom’s do (yet, just wait, little calf). Being in warm water helps the baby whale bulk up, since it will use less order finasteride online uk energy in warm water. These whales grow fast and strong and shockingly only drink their mother’s milk for the first year of their lives. Whale’s milk is 40% fat and is the texture of toothpaste, versus cow’s milk which is 4% fat. This ensures that the whale is strong enough to head back south with its mother in November and enjoy the warmer waters in the southern hemisphere.

Is it Ethical to whale watch?
Yes, usually.
We look forward to the days that all marine mammals are wild at sea and not in marine parks. It is such a treat to observe them safely from the wild. Serendipity Charters is determined to set the standard for the responsible and ethical observation of whales. Whales should only be approached from the side or the front, never from the rear as this could stress them out. They should not be followed or trapped in with multiple boats around them.   Observations should not last more than 30 minutes and the engine should be either off or in neutral.

Humpback Whales filmed from the deck of Serendipity.