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I spent a day on board the Serendipity last week and had the most amazing adventure. A short while into the trip we spotted a baby and mama Humpback Whale. Captain Brad deftly kept the boat in a position that allowed us to view them for 20 minutes or so. Then he asked “Anyone want to jump in with them?” Yes! A few of us donned some snorkel gear and a couple minutes later a whale passed by me. Incredible. Next we snorkeled in a lovely bay, saw beautiful tropical fish and ate a delicious lunch. Brad and his crew were professionals from start to finish. If you come to Costa Rica, this trip will be the highlight of your journey.

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Geneva Garcia Ellen

About the author:Geneva Garcia Ellen is the co-founder and CEO (Capitana of Everything Onshore) of Serendipity Charters. Along with her husband, Captain Brad, she raises two wild boys, surfs and travels.

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