Sailing, Snorkelling and whales!

A morning sailing with Captain Brad Ellen on the beautiful Sailing Costa Rica on Serendipity with a group of adventurous women from La Paz Community School. The whole day was serendipitous to say the least and will be one I will fondly look back on forever. I have in all my years of travels never seen whales. How exciting it was when the crew spotted a mom and two babies right of the bow. Serendipity- group of mom’s viewing this beautiful sight, a magnificent whale nursing her baby. Captain Brad assisted us to get in the water with snorkel gear and as soon as we put our heads in the water…there they were. Incredible, it was a surreal thing to witness. They looked like celestial beings. My heart was soaring, and like that, they were gone. We sailed off with excitement in a beautiful moment we all shared. We then found a secluded Bay to snorkel ( by far the best snorkeling I have been to in the area) and marvel at the spectacle of the Sea. Enjoying the Ocean until the final moments and the fellowship of new and old friends. I have been on approximately 8 sailing trips in the area. The Serendipity – boat, crew, food and experience far surpasses them all. If you are planning a sailing trip in the area this is the one! I can’t wait to share this experience with my friends and family! Thank you Captain Brad and crew.

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Geneva Garcia Ellen

About the author:Geneva Garcia Ellen is the co-founder and CEO (Capitana of Everything Onshore) of Serendipity Charters. Along with her husband, Captain Brad, she raises two wild boys, surfs and travels.

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