Boat Buying Saga Part1: June-September

Boat Buying Saga Part1: June-September

I have changed names, not to protect the people in this story, but to protect myself.

I have a hard time shopping for clothes. I have many fashionista friends and once in awhile they will pitch the idea of keeping up with the style of the day, ditching the jean skirt, buying really expensive workout clothes, one piece jumpsuits….yikes. I just can’t stand malls with the fluorescent lights and clothes that comes in 5 sizes. But, I do have a guilty pleasure: craigslist. I love shopping on craigslist and when it comes time to buy a car or a dining room table, I make a part-time job out of reading through every craigslist ad for weeks.

Thats why when it came time to buy our own boat, I dove into it with full vervor. Each morning I would pour through craigslist, ricaboats, yachtworld, encuentro24. We had a budget and requirements on size, age and the boat had to be registered Costa Rican. For months I looked and nothing met our needs. So, we started to open our parameters. Maybe if we spent more or compromised on age there would be something for us, nothing. I called brokers and marinas and read through the newspaper, nothing. Then one day, on this very obscure website, buried underneath ads for broken oars and deflated dinghies, was a sailboat. The ad read: beautiful 47 foot Jeanneau, great condition, tons of extras: watermaker, air conditioning, nav. equipment, and the cherry on top, flagged Costa Rican. It was almost too good to be true and what we learned the hard way, was that it was.Snorkeling Tours in Costa Rica.

This was in June, 2013, I contacted the person who placed the ad. His name was Juan Jose and he told me he was the owner and that the boat was still for sale. He said it was in great condition, but they already had a potential buyer for it. Of course they do, I thought, this seems like such a great boat. I got this deep sense of urgency and told Brad we had to go see it that weekend. So, we cleared our weekend plans and planned to go to Puntarenas, 3 hours away, where the boat was located. On Friday, I called to confirm the time and Juan Jose told me something came up and he could not show the boat to us. We rescheduled for the following weekend. This happened 3 or 4 times. It was now mid July and I was leaving to the states. We still had not seen the boat and the boat was still for sale.

In August Brad finally got on the boat and called me in the states.
“The boat is awesome”, he said, “but, it needs a ton of work.” Apparently, Juan Jose knew nothing about boats. He had acquired this boat, through a sale of a nightclub or casino and had never sailed it. The boat had been sitting ever since and when boats sit, they slowly start to decay. He couldn’t even get the engines started, but he saw the potential. So, we made a lowball offer, which Juan Jose was so offended by, he didn’t even respond.

I came back from the states and the more we talked about it, the more we were convinced that we had to buy a boat. This boat had so much potential. So, we put pen to paper and figured how much we had and how much we need. We were able to come up on our price and decided that we were just going to dive in. Nervously, we called him with a new offer. After some back and forth, he reluctantly accepted. We were so excited, we now had a deal on a fantastic boat! -snorkeling in costa rica
The Saga Continues……