Serendipity Featured in Moving Video

The luxury boutique hotel line, Aman, is opening a new hotel in Costa Rica. They choose Serendipity Charters to be featured in their promotional video created by talented team of Iris and Light.

AMAN COSTA RICA from Legacy Global Development on Vimeo.… READ MORE

Black and White 2017

This year, we had the most successful Black and White Party yet!
The turnout was Amazing, 300 people
spent the night dining, dancing and supporting a great cause at Pangas in Tamarindo.
Serendipity Charters provided our famous Serendipity Sangria as the welcome drink and we kept on getting people saucy by sponsoring the Patron Tequila Luge!

We were able to raise $22,000. All this money went to buying school supplies for
local kids living in extreme poverty, food packages and also contributing
funds for gifts for the annual CEPIA Christmas Party. Thank you to our guests and friends who contributed … READ MORE

Our Menu

Our Menu

We love to eat and drink. That is why we also provide great quality food and drink on Serendipity Charters. We provide the food we would want to eat while sailing!Our typical menu consists of:

Fresh Fruit to start, usually pineapple. The pineapple is local and delicious and easy to eat while under sail.

Cowboy Cavier and Chips. This is usually served once we anchor as the crew needs to time to freshly prepare the mix of ingredients. Recipe below.

Chicken Tacos. Rotisserie chicken diced and served on flour or corn tortilla, topped with guacamole, sour cream, cabbage, tomato and … READ MORE

Sailing and Philanthropy

Here is your chance to sail on a one of a kind Catamaran! “Water Music”, and give back to our community.  The Imbert family has brought in a one of kind, 54 foot, custom made performance Catamaran.  They are willing to charter it out to select families in our community with all proceeds going to La Paz Community school

Here is what you need to know:

This is a performance Catamaran, a Formula 1 boat, the Ferrari of yachts. A few weeks ago some local sailing enthusiasts and experienced sailors took her out for a spin in 20 knots of … READ MORE

Historically Low Priced Flights into Liberia International Airport

Historically Low Priced Flights into Liberia International Airport

Escape the Winter…. Even If Just For a Weekend!

Record low temperatures got you down? Don’t worry we have record low flights into Paradise! This year we have seen prices DROP into Liberia International Airport. Alaska Airlines is now offering non-stop flights from LAX and Southwest Airlines has opened several flights directly into Liberia. With Southwest’s low priced airfare, all other airlines are dropping in price. In fact, we have had several guests find flights from the US for under $300 roundtrip!

With flights this affordable, you can escape the winter, even if it is just for a weekend!


Tropical Beauty Secrets

I used to have really good skin, honestly. However, living in the tropics has done some serious damage to my skin. Too much sun, too much sunscreen, all sorts of sprays for repellents and bug bites and sunburn. It is not fair having pimples and wrinkles!

But, I’ve learned some tricks!

Trick 1- Sunscreen Alternative

There is an old salty dog in the area, Captain Jack. He would not be the person I’d trust for beauty advise, unless I was going for the pirate look. However, my favorite new find came from him. He uses ‘baby butt cream’ on his … READ MORE

It’s Worth the Drive from Tamarindo!

It’s Worth the Drive from Tamarindo!

Tamarindo is our main tourist hub in the area. There are lots of restaurants, bars and things to do. However, many people that travel there want to get off the beaten path and come sailing with us.

We are located in the less traveled area of Potrero Bay. While we are only 25 minutes from Tamarindo, we are worlds away (click here for directions). There and there are many reason why our guests make the short trip:

1-Less Waves- The coastline near us never receives as much swell (waves) as Tamarindo. While this is not ideal for surfing, it … READ MORE

Costa Rican Rodeos:  Cowboys, Drunks and Bulls (Tamarindo Fiestas)

Costa Rican Rodeos: Cowboys, Drunks and Bulls (Tamarindo Fiestas)


I recently watched a typical Costa Rican rodeo with a professional MMA fighter. It was the Tamarindo Fiestas on a beautiful night as we sat on top of the 8 foot wooden bull ring fence. My friend towered over the Ticos, while I, in my small frame, fit in perfectly. The entire ring was lined with Ticos and foreigners, the night air was dry and cool and the crowd was excited for the first bull.

There had been lots of buildup for the … READ MORE

Fernando Pessoa Poetry

Fernando Pessoa Poetry

The ocean has inspired artists, musicians, poets, lovers since the beginning of time. One of my favorite poets, Fernando Pessoa, wrote extensively about the sea under the pseudonym, Alvaro de Campos. Here is one of my favorites, that really captures what its like to go on a sailing trip.

Ah, when we set out to sea,
When we shove off from land and begin to lose sight of it,
When everything starts to fill with purely ocean air,
When the coast becomes a shadowy line,
An ever hazier line as the night falls (lights hover) —
Then what joyful freedom … READ MORE