Asked Questions

What is a customary tip?

Tip is not mandatory, however, if you feel our crew provided you with a quality service, a tip is always appreciated. A customary tip would be 10%-20% of your charter total. Tip will be split evenly by all crew members that served you during your time on the boat.

Can I play my own music?

Yes, we have two Bluetooth speakers that you can connect to during private charters. For our mixed group charters we will play one of our playlists. While we encourage you to play your music and get your groove on, we’d also like to tell you that there is a beauty in quiet music on the boat, especially during sunset.

Is there Wi-Fi?

No. We are lucky enough to be able to head into very remote areas where there is no service. At the beginning and the end of your trip, you should be able to connect to a 3G if your phone has service. After that we will be off the grid! We strongly believe that we are all so connected all of the time. Being on Serendipity is a moment to disconnect with your gadget and reconnect with the important things in life: people, nature and adventure.

What if it rains?

Ideally we would have sunny skies and light wind for all of our sails. However, during our rainy season it is not uncommon to have intense, but short lived showers. We have plenty of areas on the boat where you can wait it out and stay dry. If our captain feels the conditions will be miserable or dangerous, he will cancel the tour. This could happen at anytime before the trip starts. If we can reschedule your reservation we will. If we can’t, we will give you a full refund.

What is your cancelation policy?

You can find our full cancellation policy HERE.

What drinks do you have onboard?

We have a premium open bar that includes alcohol such as:

  • Flor de Cana, 4 year Rum
  • Absolut Vodka
  • Jose Cuervo Tequila
  • Gordon’s Gin
  • Cacique (a local sugar cane alcohol)
  • White Wine (will vary between an Argentinian SAUVIGNON BLANC or an Organic French blend)
  • Local Beer (including light)

There are lots of ingredients for cocktails onboard, including our signature Serendipity Sangria. For special occasions we send bubbly. We do not do red wine as it can spill and stain the deck.

What food do you serve? Can you accommodate food allergies?

Our menu consists of delicious, healthy and locally sourced lunch and appetizers.  We can accommodate most diets and preferences, just let us know in advance.  We never serve on single use plastic.

  • Fresh fruit to start, usually pineapple
  • Cowboy caviar and chips
  • Fresh chicken tacos

Vegetarian/vegan option: Black bean taco or bowl
Gluten free option: Taco bowl with chips or corn tortillas.

What kind of fishing do you do?

We mostly do trolling. We catch skipjack tuna and jack crevalles often. We also catch mahi mahi, yellow fin tuna and wahoo when they are around, but please know that we are no sportfishing outfit.

Can I pay with credit card on the boat?

We can’t accept credit cards on the boat, but you can pay the final balance any time upfront via credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or Zelle. Just let us know!

Can you accommodate people with mobility issues?

We try and accommodate all people and want to include everyone, even if they have mobility issues. Our crew does a great job of helping out and once onboard they can just sit in the cockpit area and enjoy the sail without needing to move much. The exception would be if they needed to go to the bathroom or want to go for swim. In those two cases, they would need to be able to use a ladder.

Is there a minimum age for children for the tour?

Children love the boat! We do, however, ask that children under the age of 3 do not join our semi-private in order to maintain a comfortable environment for everyone (we are parents too and know how busy toddlers can be).

Do you have life vests on board?

Yes! For very little children, we recommend bringing your own (if you have) to assure a snug fit, however, we do have some on board as well.

How many people fit on the Serendipity?

We can accommodate groups of up to 17 people comfortably. Our absolute maximum is 19 people.

Do you have packages for special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc.)?

We don’t offer packages for special occasions, but you can rest assured that our crew will make your trip memorable! We are happy to assist in arranging birthday cakes or a professional photographer to make your day extra special.

Can I bring a professional photographer?

Yes, absolutely! We work with a wonderful photographer that specializes in both above and underwater photography. Genna Marie Davis from Tamarindo Family Photos offers photo packages to document the entire day, including Instagram stories and reels from the trip. Check out her website and book of underwater photography, Costa Rica Blue.

Do you carry insurance?

We have not had a serious accident or claim in all of our years of doing business and we hope to keep it that way! However, we do carry a liability insurance policy with Instituto Nacional de Seguros. For any concerns, complaints or claims, please contact us directly or Gabriel Chaves of PDL Law firm. 506 2653-2009