Boat Buying Saga Part 3: Feb-April- flamingo costa rica fishing charters

Boat Buying Saga Part 3: Feb-April- flamingo costa rica fishing charters

Chapter 3 Feb.-April

We looked and looked for another boat and there was nothing for us in Costa Rica. We started to consider bringing a boat in, but with a 30% importation tax in Costa Rica, in addition to the cost to sail a boat here, we just didn’t have the money or time for it. So, we decided to just wait. flamingo costa rica fishing charters

In late January another man called me, Mario. He said he was part owner in Anhinga and that she was surprisingly still for sale and they were very motivated to sell her. Mario was kinder on the phone, he didn’t yell, he returned my calls and he assured me that he had all the paperwork we needed. After consulting other people, we decided to hire a new lawyer. We love Luiciano, but he is a real estate lawyer and with all the complications with this boat, we needed somebody who specialized in boats. Our new lawyer, Aron, was very responsive, knowledgeable and professional.

We put him in contact with Mario and he held his hand through the process of obtaining all the correct paper work. Slowly they started to gather the paperwork that was needed and as they did more problems became apparent. The real owner of the boat was a man named, Pedro, who was an employee of Juan Jose and had no real stakes in the boat. So, it was he who needed to sign at closing. At one point Aron tells me, “Either these guys are really ignorant, or they are pretending to be”. I heard that one before. flamingo costa rica fishing charters

We did have a run of good news. Aron discovered that the boat owned $5,000 in back taxes, despite the fact that Juan Jose had assured me that the boat was current in taxes . And Mario quickly agreed to take this off the purchase price. I wrote an appeal to the board of the marina for permission to survey the boat and they agreed. The agreed under the condition that their lawyer was there to confirm who the owner was and to make sure that the boat did not sail off into sunset leaving them with a now $10,000 bill. The surveyer, a friend of ours who we trusted, was available to do the survey. After, months of finding a marina who could haul out such a big boat, I finally did. It seemed like things were coming together. flamingo costa rica fishing charters

Boat Buying Saga Part 3We made a date to do the survey, haul the boat out and pay for Anghinga. Mario calls me one afternoon while I’m teaching. “So, how are you going to pay us?” “Well, we can do a bank transfer or a cashiers check.” I answer. “I don’t have a bank account, can you pay cash?”, he asks. “Mario, I’m not a drug dealer, I don’t walk around with that quantity of cash in a brief case and the bank will not just hand over that amount of cash, ” I explain to him. “okay, we’ll figure it out, ” he says and we both hang up. I’m sure we can figure this out, so we keep with the date, the hauler is lined up, the marina’s lawyer is lined up, the surveyer, we are moving our money to Costa Rica. We are ready to go. flamingo costa rica fishing charters

Then one afternoon, I see an ad come up on Facebook. Wow, its a beautiful boat, sails up, shiny rails, great price. I immediately send it to Brad. This could be our ticket to get rid of these jokers. I so want to call them and say “Your not going to sucker us, suckers!” Brad takes one look at it and says, “That’s Anhinga”. flamingo costa rica fishing charters

Boat Buying Saga Part 3After creating a fictitious story, we get the guy’s number who posted the add and call him. His name is Leo and he claims to be the owner of Anhinga. I ask him some questions about the boat and he tells me his wife is pregnant and they just dont use it any more. I told him, I know thats not true, because I have been trying to buy this boat and which time he tells me that Mario and Juan Jose sold the boat to him and he is now selling the boat. So, I call both Mario and Juan Jose, neither of which know who this guy is.

24 hours later the story changes again. Mario tells me that Leo is actually a broker who is trying to “flip” the boat and make a profit. Lalo tells me what Mario sold him his piece of the boat without telling Juan Jose. Juan Jose tells me to basically go to hell and they don’t want to sell the boat to us anymore.

The Saga Continues……..

By: Geneva Garcia Ellen