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Our Yacht | Serendipity Sailing Costa Rica

Our beautiful 50 foot Beneteau Oceanis, Serendipity, is the ultimate way to experience the Guanacaste Coast Line. She is such a fine yacht that she was featured on the cover of Sail Magazine. Serendipity has 4 cabins, each with a private bathroom, a full kitchen, indoor and out door dining and plenty of room to relax in. Our swim off and on transom makes entering and exiting the ocean easy for all people.
Serendipity S/V

We purchased her in the British Virgin Islands where she had been meticulously cared for and sailed her through the Caribbean, across the Panama Canal and up the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. She is designed beautifully for on board living and blue water sailing.

The classic lines of the Beneteau Oceanis 500 has been a popular yacht in the chartering world. It is open for groups, yet provides plenty of privacy in cabins for open ocean passages. Beneteau is one of the top boat builders in the world, and the Oceanis line was built with excellent quality.

 Our Yacht is a mono hull (with a deep keel) meaning that we only have one hull in the water. Because of this, our guests experience the trill of actually sailing. When the wind fills the sails, the boat will heel over (lean in). This is how the boat was designed to sail. Often times because it is heeled over, there is less rocking back and forth and this experience can often be more pleasant for those that suffer from sea sickness.


















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