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Sailing with Children

I can see his little head bobbing up and down at the bow of the boat. His golden hair and brown skin a sharp contrast with the pale blue of the sky and the deep slate of the ocean. His bare feet dangle over and for a rare hour, my son is completely calm. His body is engaged by holding his balance as the boat rides up and down. His busy mind is calmed or in deep thought, I can’t tell, I don’t ask. I just watch him and feel grateful for the life that we have.

My boys are “active” boys. There is no getting around it. I have found ways to direct that energy usually, but not always. There have been countless times I have been with friends or family that have sweet, calm girls. They sit and color, they play around their mom’s feet, they practice good table manners without a constant reminder. And my “busy” boys can’t seem to control their body, their energy; they play hard, they play rough. But, they are their own people. I can guide them, I can direct them, but at the end they are who they are, and I love every inch of them.

Being on the boat brings out the best in them. They are in their element. They help their dad with the ropes, they fish, they swim. There is no, or very little, whining or fighting. The complaints about life jackets have ceased after the 100th time of saying “yes, you keep that life jacket on while we are under sail”. They are happy, we are happy. We discuss the physics of the sails, the properties of the waves. We learn about clean energy and cleaning fish.Gallery

Families often sail with us for either day trips or overnight trips. We have life jackets for children on the boat and special kid sized goggles so they can snorkel. Its great to take a kid snorkeling for the first time, makes me remember the magic of it all. It is really amazing to “breathe” underwater. Please let us know if you have young children and we will be sure to plan a great day for them.

However, for some children a full day on the water is too much fun. Its difficult for them and for the parents to be on the boat for an extended time. We can sail to a private beach to give everyone some time to run around. Our boys love to be on the boat, with enough notice, we can arrange for the eldest to be aboard to play with and show other children the ropes.20141022_1014

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