Sailing Costa Rica Blog

Sailing Costa Rica Blog

It was not that long that I didn’t even know what a “blog” was. Like the rest of us, when a new techno word comes out I ignore it for awhile until I can’t stop hearing words like “hash tag, tweet, blog” then I call me 18 year old brother.

“A blog is like an online journal”, he told me. My first thought was ‘who wants to read anyone’s journal?’ I mean really, is your trials with the toddler that interesting? But, as I started to occasionally read a friend’s blog here, a link from Facebook there, I was surprised to find them sincere, real, raw, funny, like a real journal. Like, a snippet of somebody’s day to day, taking the mundane in life and making it interesting. I find it a new form of journalism where the playing field is equal and everyone can participate.

So, here I am joining the blogging world. First and foremost, I got cornered into it by our friend Andy, who is trying to help us drive more traffic to our Sailing Costa Rica has been our way to make a living, spread happiness and enjoy what we do. It is the smallest contribution that I can give our family business, seeing as I don’t sail or lift heavy things or cook. But, just as importantly it is a way for me to tap into that small ravine of creativity that has been dry for so many years, dammed up by two little boys and wifedom. And lastly, I think we have pretty interesting lives.

My husband and I have lived through so many amazing adventures. We both started traveling independently before we met each other. We were traveling in a world without internet or cell phones or trip adviser. When you arrived in a new town or a new country, you were lucky enough to have a Lonely Planet and most of the time mine was 5 years old, with pages missing. The world was bigger then. I would call home once a month to check in. In order to do that I would have to go to a shop that specialized in International Calls. I booked airline tickets through travel agents, I smoked on planes, I wrote in a journal with pen and paper. I wrote only for me, no emails, no blogs, no facebook to share my adventures with the world. And, my horrible spelling and grammar went unnoticed.

Sailing in Costa RicaWhen we met, at 20, our adventures just became more intense. Being together gave our travels a whole new meaning. We were sharing our experiences with each other, we were falling in love over and over again in new countries with new food and new surf breaks. We were friends that were creating beautiful and terrifying memories.

Then the kids came and our adventures changed again. The beautiful and the terrifying moments became deeper, the emotion of it all more authentic. That is where we find ourselves now. We have been living in Costa Rica for over three years. I teach at a La Paz Community School part time, surf part time, help run our business part time. Captain Brad, well, he makes people happy. Taking out small, private groups on sailing tours, sunset, day trips, surf trips. We continue our adventure and I start our blog……..